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WAWUU! Can I just quickly express how excited I am to be back in the bloggersphere. Excited to be back sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all. It has been two years since I last posted on what use to be my old blog.  Please don’t feel obligated to click the link as it contains plenty of embarrassing pictures, haha

Last weekend Sarah and I got together to make some magic! I have been wanting to shoot at this tire place for the longest time. It’s also another building that I pass by everyday after work just like the blue one here. It’s super textured and full of character. The greasy oil smudged everywhere is a product of the hard labor. Morning of, Sarah and I arrived on location. The place was open and people were working. I was ready to turn back because I was scured to ask if I could shoot there (LOL don’t judge me). That’s when my moms voice came into my head and said, “What is the worse that could happen” *smacking her hands open making her palm visible* When your moms voice comes into your head, you better listen. In that moment, I then  decided go ahead and ask permission because the worst they could say is No. I asked, they were super nice about it and said yes. They were chill and didn’t mind the presence of Sarah and I. Even as I was taking over there their chair and even as customers pulled in to get their tires changed, they were unbothered. It actually got busy at some point and we decided to blast. Gotta blast!

“Come get your tires changed and enjoy a photoshoot to your left as you wait”  was what it seemed like

I did thank them before we left because the gesture on their part was greatly appreciated. Their smiles as we walked away, brightened up my day. Reminder, to go out there and be brave

Pictures taken by Sarah Yaftali Instagram





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