When you decided to maximize for college expenses and use your graduation cord as a choker. Sarah is so HIGH FASHION

Kicks | Vans           T Shirt & Acid Wash Jacket | Urban Outfitters

I would like you all to meet Sarah Yaftali, she a talented being. She takes 70% of my ig pictures. You will be seeing alot of her on blog as she is my muse and a great friend. We plan on making videos together as well, so look out for that. It’s nothing but laughter and awkwardness when we are around, hahah

Weekends are really my free days for creative projects since I don’t work my regular job on weekends. I devote most of that time to sewing, photoshoots, different projects, etc. So when Sarah had an idea for this concept, I was like LETS DO IT. This wall gives me so much lifeee. The rich blue color exudes so much energy, it gets me excited. I pass by it everyday after work so it was only a matter of time before I would use it to shoot something. Sarah went and got some candy from the Korean store, took her brother’s skate board (because she is a poseur) and we went to shoot. One of my favorite shoots to date!




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