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Create your own space and move at your own pace”


Hiyeee-2 months later…I haven’t been hibernating or going on a creative hiautus. I like to think that I’ve been working at harvesting my craft and in doing so, I’m working in silence, heehee. I took these photos sometime in March with the effortless Chioma. I love taking pictures of my friends because I see so much light in them and when I take photos, I want to capture that. I started planning this project last December  with her. Chioma’s style is no stranger to comfort and visual aesthetics so when it came to designing and sewing her outfit for the shoot, I really wanted to make something that was totally her times two. We opted for this GOLD and BLUE palette which reminds me of the striking colors artist Lana Iris Vicktor uses in her work. Which by the way I strongly urge you to check out her work! She is a conceptual artist, painter and more..she’s amazing. So much beauty on and under the surface of her work.

I shot Chioma at this location that has been on my”One Day” list. This list consist of compiled places I take note of whiling driving to one day shoot at. I have my eye balls peeeeled when driving , haha. I am very happy with how everything worked out.

Reminder: Create your own space and move at your own pace. In the current day of measuring your success to others, be reminded that your path is already laid out for you. You just have to choose whether you want to stay true to it or take someone elses//

Which one do you guys choose?



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