Yay! Finally a DIY post. I purchased this macrame a while back from T.J. Maxx and had plans to dye it when I purchased it. It was only $16.99 (virtual high five) so I quickly snatched it up. Alot of the material used to rework the macrame were items I already had in my house. I encourage you all to look around your house and see what you can come up with before you go spending money on items. I like to work with less because I improvise and something creative is born.

Take a peak into my shrine, my energy protector, my comfort zone…aka my room. Currently working with a deep blue and rust orange color palette.  Purchased the love ly statue head at the thrift store earlier this week. My mom actually stumbled upon it before we checked out. I somehow convinced her that it would look better in my space, haha. I’ve been into fixing up my room you guys, this adulating life has me thinking more and more about house décor. I also watch a lot if HGTV so yeah!


I wet the macramé before hand so it would make it easy for the dye mixture to absorb it once I soaked it.


I went in and tied some cotton trimming just to add volume and more texture to the wall hanging. If you plan to do the same, make sure the trim is cotton. The dye that I am using is for  for natural fibers (cotton, wool, silk, linen, etc) so that color will absorb it.


I then went in and braided cotton crochet string. I purchased a big spool from Michaels sooooo long ago. I’ve used it multiple times for different projects so it was definitely worth it


For dying the Macramé, I went for an ombre effect! To achieve this color wave I first dipped the whole entire macramé in the blue dye bath for 30 seconds. This gave me a light blue effect. To get an even darker shade, I dipped only 3/4 of the hanging string within the water for 3 minutes more. Continuously agitate the water so the transition from a lighter color to a darker blue color flows nicely. Squeeze out an excess water! Then go in once more but only with the ends and soak it for 5 minutes for a even darker shade. The amount of time you decide to leave your macramé in your dye bath is up to you. It can be longer or less than what I did. My blue dye bath was really concentrate so I didn’t want to leave it in too long.

**my dye bath consist of powdered salt, soda ash and blue dye. Refer to the instructions the dye that you purchase because it may be different.


Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink-I love this stuff!!! I applied drops of the ink onto the tips of the string to give a **POW blue effect. Massage the solution onto the string as the ink is very concentrated. Leave out to dry!


Results using alcohol ink


I then took it a step further because I love this stuff and decided to apply it to come cowries that I had.  I then took a container and poured Isopropyl 50% alcohol and added a few drop of the Alcohol ink. I then soaked some white fluffy balls I got from the craft store. Let Dry!!


Lastly, I went in and super glued some of the shells on the trim and added pom poms using string. TAH-DAHHH!!!


All done…for now! I’m sure I’ll go in and add more things but for now I will let it be.


my fluff ball, MISTY!  She loves long naps, eating treats and Fancy Feast (for gravy lovers). She doesn’t like when we takes selfies together, she prefers the solo portraits. So here is one!!..she’s V sassy



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