Shout out to the greenhouse glow. I was baking in there!

How cool and quirky is this skirt

Skirt-Rugged Wearhouse   Top– Zara    Shoes & Purse-Thrift Store

I love how I am glowing in these pictures. Don’t be fooled though, they came with a price of excessive sweating with the trapped heat. When we were done, we walked out the greenhouse and all of a sudden, the 86 degree weather outside seemed bearable. Sarah and I went to this Botanical Garden last weekend. It was totally spontaneous, something I’m not (**clutches daily planner). But somehow Sarah always convinces me unplanned moves are the best moves and I can meet her halfway on that one. I was totally obsessed with the atmosphere and seeing all the plants were comforting…the little things

  OUTFIT DETAILS-I have been thrifiting a lot lately. I probably went 10 times the last two weeks. I have expanded my thrifted ways and now look at furniture and household items. The more I go, the stronger my eye for finding items get. I’m sure I’ll be a hoarder one days, or at least have a place to put all the gems I find that way it’s not really hoarding, hahah. Zara had their Spring sale, so I got this red top (only $10). It went so well with this skirt I got gotten a couple months ago. I had been wanting to wear the skirt for the longest time but felt like I had nothing in my closet that would give it justice until I got the top. Don’t you just love when everything aligns in due time…which leads me to my next point

IN DUE TIME– Why do we stress over things that are going to work out for the BEST. We worry, question, compare our situation to others when we should instead simply reflect on our journey. and TRUST that where you are is exactly where you are suppose to be. In due time..in due time! Besides, like I always say, your Present is your Future.  So if you can’t rejoice now, chances are, you won’t be rejoicing in the future when “those blessings keep fallin down your lap”**Chance the Rapper voice.

Romans 8:28 //And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


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