The fruits back home are thick and real healthy.  Au Naturale

My favorite shot taken of me while in Douala, Cameroon. Took it the last day I was leaving to go back to the States. My aunt’s driver decided to show off his camera skills the day I was leaving, haha.

Business owner of booth #46 at the major Craft Market in Douala. Met this very humble man, he was so was appreciative when i took his picture.  I asked if he had a Whatsapp for me to send it to him and he laughed (implying no) He wanted me to just have the picture for memories

The children back home grow up so fast. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t gotten my hands dirty enough. They carry a big load (literally and figuratively) at such a young age. My mom always tells me stories about her having to wake up early to go sell at the market as young as 5. Met this young man on my way back from Bamenda selling peanuts by the roadside. I asked him “I fee take yo picha”, he replied “Me?” in a surprised way. I said “Yes Na” excitingly. He agreed. I snapped a couple of pictures on my DSLR camera and showed him. I gave him a big high five before we departed ways. Next time I go home, I am going to bring a mini portable printer so I can leave something tangible to those I meet.

The QUEEN herself. My auntie slaying. I should have done outfits of the days featuring my aunt. She slays everyday you guys, it didn’t matter if she was stepping out to go the the grocery store or to the office, she always dressed to impress HERSELF. I was taking plenty of notes. Most of her outfits she wears is custom made. Her collection of fabrics is impressive.  While I was there, she found some Mud cloth along with Royal Ndop fabric after 10 years of being stored away (fabrics shown in picture above). I nearly cried when she gifted them to me.

One of my favorite places to spend my time was in the markets. Seeing the different ways that people hustled and all that energy was so lively..My eyes were just jumping all over the place. So much to take in!! Maneuvering through the markets people would yell out “Le American” to me, my attempt of blending in failed numerous times, haha

AU NATURALE *heart eyes*

A man in Bamenda stitching the traditional Bamenda garment also known as Ntohgu. As you can see, alot of work goes into designing each unique piece. These special garments are worn during occasions like weddings, celebrations, etc. The big one hanging in the center of the picture is something a Chief would wear.

When I was at Seme Beach in Limbe living my best life on the beach. Limbe is located in South West Cameroon. It was about an hour from where I was staying in Douala to get there. Limbe beach is a black sand beach since it is near a volcanic area.

The Aesthetics back home is Authentic and filled with Abundance, i AM FULL.

I came back from Cameroon, West Africa feeling so full and thankful. It was my first time traveling alone. I of course had family in Cameroon but I traveled alone getting there and it was an eye opening experience. There is just something about traveling alone and consistency dwelling in your thoughts throughout your travel that is comforting.  Once I arrived in Cameroon, I experienced two days of recovery from jet lag (its real), the time difference of 6 hours had me wanting to fall asleep at 5 pm in a middle of a conversation with my cousin, haha.  There were many moments during my trip where I wanted to take out my camera and start snapping away or start recording but I wanted live in the moment and have the experience all stored in my head. I encourage everyone to travel, that is going to be my mood for 2018 and beyond. There is too much out there to see and experience. I came with a different perspective feeling refreshed.  Here are some things I took from my trip (besides the fact that I will be back sooner than later):

  • Life is Beautiful ,
  • Be Aware and decide how you want to maneuver through this world
  • Dream B I G 

Life is Beautiful –  How Beautiful is this life God has gifted us with endless possibilities.  Sometimes we choose to sit and feel defeated by life because of our current situation instead of rising above it all. Today decide on the type of day you will have. You see, it is so easy to by happy and reassured when life is going as planned but it is really in moments of uncertainty, and hopelessness that it requires you to hold on to your faith . Know that everything is going to work out the way God has planned. You don’t have all the answers and you don’t need to have them just know that Life is BEAUTIFUL and all will work out. This came clearer to me during my trip as I stood before the grave of my grandparents in the village. To know how far they had come was a reflection of where I currently was in that moment.  Life is Beautiful

Be Aware –  People in Cameroon are suffering especially the English speaking regions. There are  many areas of improvement that needs to still take place but when I look at the youth in Cameroon, I am hopeful of the shift that will soon take place.  I think there is always this perception that if you have to make a difference it starts on a big scale// that is not necessary true. The first step is it really starting with you! Really being aware of what is going on in the world is important. Do not let hashtags educate you, do your research. Not just things going on in your neck of the woods but also around the world. CONNECT THE DOTS. When you are more aware, you decide how to better maneuver through the world because your choices will be influenced on what you know not by what THEY want you to know.

Dream Big –  This was such a reoccurring theme while in Cameroon, the message was really encouraged by my aunt whom I was staying with (yes, the stylish one above, haha) . Her energy is contagious, every time she spoke to me I had to have my recorder on my phone going because she was consistently dropping gems. She reminded me of what it meant to Dream BIG, how positive failure could be, and how my attitude was my altitude. And so  I remind whom ever is reading this to DREAM BIG what ever that looks like to you. If you thought you were currently dreaming bug, challenge yourself to dream EVEN bigger.

Next post will be my last batch of pictures I will share from Cameroon! You know I had to break the post up into two. I didn’t want your computer or phone to overheat from all the FIRE I was serving… Okay that was corny, LOLOL



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