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Tartan Suit Set, Purse, Beret – Thrift Store || Ankle Boots and Earrings – ASOS

I am beyond grateful to be typing this post on the last day of 2017. This year has been tough and I am happy for that. Who wants an easy breezy life where your growth is stagnate because  you run away from any type of discomfort or struggle. You don’t get to realize your potential with that approcah. There is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t worry about how long that journey is, instead worry about what you can get out of it. My word for 2018 is unfamiliar(ity). I want to embrace unfamiliarity so God can show me what he has in store for me rather than what I have in store for myself. Lets continue to move forward and not backwards.

My biggest highlight from this year was traveling to Cameroon. The whole trip was golden, start to finish. Cameroon was happiness for me. I am looking forward to an even longer stay next time and to travel to other destinations (Ghana, Mali, Ethiopia….Heck, Im trying to visit as many African counties as I can next year).

One thing I won’t be leaving in 2017 is thrifting. I purchased this set at the thrift store a few weeks ago.  I am falling in love with my experiences at thrift stores more and more. Even though I don’t always find gems every time I go, my thrift eye for finding gems is getting stronger. I’m like a Pokemon evolving, HAHA. Im becoming better, faster, stronger (Okay,I’m done). I finally will be doing a thrift video sometime in January. In the meantime, I am selling some items on Depop and will be adding more in the coming weeks. I come across some really one of a kind pieces and vintage pieces at the thrift store and not all of them end up leaving with me because of sizing or it not being my style. It might not be something that I would wear but I know someone out there would love it, so Follow Me on Depop!

2018, WOW! Wishing you all a fruitful year ahead! The world is yours. xx


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