- Month: February 2018 -


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    Hat, Heels, Purse 1950s Orange Corduroy Two Piece Set | Thrifted          Ruffle Blouse | Boohoo I hit the jackpot with this late/mid 1950s orange corduroy two piece set that I thrifted. The labeled brand on the suit is called Peck & Peck. They were a famous New York City ladies’ wear store that sold their own labeled goods. The company was started by two brothers and had grown to over 75 chain stores. A piece like that holds so much history, memories, and mileage - I can't help but to be left to wonder about it's past life. As I was breezing through the suit section, it struck my eyes and at that point, I wasn't sure if the fit was really my style. The thick corduroy material…


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 Finally a video! Misty my cat, and I enjoyed filming this. I had to film everything twice because the first time I didn't film it in the right size so when I went to edit the content, the quality was off and I absolutely could not take that. The first footage had way more cat lady behavior going on, I spared Misty the second time around, lol.  This video is from me to whom ever watching. I SEE YOU, you are appreciated. I have so much more ideas for future videos on thrifting. xx