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"The beauty of the journey" Emanuel Ungaro Suit Set, Ankle Boots and Beaded Shawl - Thrift Store :) Donovan took the pictures above around Union Market in D.C. and I couldn't believe how different things had become. Small owned and wholesale stores that once occupied the space were slowly turning into coffee shops. I became familiar with New York Ave at Union Market when I was younger, I knew the place as a farmer's market first. My mom and I would go there once or twice a week to get supplies for our family owned International grocery store. By 5:30 a.m. we would arrive in DC with a long check list of items to tackle moving from wholesaler to wholesaler. We would make our way to the fresh produce place then we would head…


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    Hat, Heels, Purse 1950s Orange Corduroy Two Piece Set | Thrifted          Ruffle Blouse | Boohoo I hit the jackpot with this late/mid 1950s orange corduroy two piece set that I thrifted. The labeled brand on the suit is called Peck & Peck. They were a famous New York City ladies’ wear store that sold their own labeled goods. The company was started by two brothers and had grown to over 75 chain stores. A piece like that holds so much history, memories, and mileage - I can't help but to be left to wonder about it's past life. As I was breezing through the suit section, it struck my eyes and at that point, I wasn't sure if the fit was really my style. The thick corduroy material…


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 Finally a video! Misty my cat, and I enjoyed filming this. I had to film everything twice because the first time I didn't film it in the right size so when I went to edit the content, the quality was off and I absolutely could not take that. The first footage had way more cat lady behavior going on, I spared Misty the second time around, lol.  This video is from me to whom ever watching. I SEE YOU, you are appreciated. I have so much more ideas for future videos on thrifting. xx  

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  Similar ASOS earrings  here LAST THRIFT STORE SLAY OF 2017!!! Tartan Suit Set, Purse, Beret - Thrift Store || Ankle Boots and Earrings - ASOS I am beyond grateful to be typing this post on the last day of 2017. This year has been tough and I am happy for that. Who wants an easy breezy life where your growth is stagnate because  you run away from any type of discomfort or struggle. You don't get to realize your potential with that approcah. There is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. Don't worry about how long that journey is, instead worry about what you can get out of it. My word for 2018 is unfamiliar(ity). I want to embrace unfamiliarity so God can show me what he has in store…



Can ASOS ever do any wrong- Turtle shell statement earrings I love me some plants and flowers. Had to take photos at Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring once again. I went with my other bae, Christiane. She has a blog and is just a sweet being. Fall is almost among us. I am most looking forward to the leaves changing color and the weather being a bit more appropriate for layering and more layering. This is the best time to go thrifting because the thrift stores are putting out their first batch of fall/winter items...so ready set Gooooo!! and thank me later. I am wearing this skater floral dress I got from the thrift store along with a NAVY blue duster.  I cut the dress to make it short but I am regretting it because…


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  Shout out to the greenhouse glow. I was baking in there! How cool and quirky is this skirt Skirt-Rugged Wearhouse   Top- Zara    Shoes & Purse-Thrift Store I love how I am glowing in these pictures. Don't be fooled though, they came with a price of excessive sweating with the trapped heat. When we were done, we walked out the greenhouse and all of a sudden, the 86 degree weather outside seemed bearable. Sarah and I went to this Botanical Garden last weekend. It was totally spontaneous, something I'm not (**clutches daily planner). But somehow Sarah always convinces me unplanned moves are the best moves and I can meet her halfway on that one. I was totally obsessed with the atmosphere and seeing all the plants were comforting...the little things   OUTFIT DETAILS-I have been thrifiting a…

Off Her Shoulder

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Growing up, my mom always had plants in our home, whether real or fake. I would observe the way she would nurture them. Now wherever I go, I find plants to be comforting ((Nurture Yours))   Shout out to my brother for taking these pictures, it's nice to know he's still loyal after all the times I use to drag him to take my pictures. A little back story behind shooting at this location! So my brother and I were outside taking pictures at a restaurant called Fisnet. We noted that the place was close so we weren't concerned whether we could shoot there or not. We snapped a couple of shots before my SD card became full so I sat down on the red bench deleting photos. A guy from the restaurant came out **PLOT TWIST, THE RESTAURANT IS…

Positive Vibes Only

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    Shout out to my twin brother for taking these pictures. Sarah went to New York for the weekend so I asked him to help a sistah out. He use to take my blog pictures way back in the day when I was blogging, back then bribery worked, haha.  Our birthday is coming up in April, we plan on making a twin tag video, so YAY that should be fun! I like to think we are different but very similar at the same time, haha. This week started off really productive for me. How you start your day is so crucial. Getting yourself in the right state of mind contributes to the type of day you are going to have. So with that being said, I've made it a conscious effort day by day to exude…

OneTribe Mag


  I was contacted by One Tribe Magazine , they were interested in interviewing me. Greatly humbled by the opportunity. You can find it HERE.  They are a new platform that seeks to highlight the many different talents of those within the African Diaspora. They just launched last week and I am looking forward to their fruitful journey xx

Back At It Again

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  Jumpsuit | I made it     Suede Boots | Free People      Hat | Forever21      Belt | Thrifted WAWUU! Can I just quickly express how excited I am to be back in the bloggersphere. Excited to be back sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all. It has been two years since I last posted on what use to be my old blog.  Please don't feel obligated to click the link as it contains plenty of embarrassing pictures, haha Last weekend Sarah and I got together to make some magic! I have been wanting to shoot at this tire place for the longest time. It's also another building that I pass by everyday after work just like the blue one here. It's super textured and full of character. The greasy oil smudged everywhere is a product…