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Drove 6 hours from Douala to Bamenda. The drive was magical, you guys should know I love plants! After playing soccer on the beach in Limbe, we went to a spot where you could enjoy eating while taking in the view of the ocean.  I had grilled fish and a choice of miondo as a side because, of course. I saw men bringing a boat back to land so I had to put my tasty fish down for a sec and snap it.  ((team effort)) Always impressed by the youth On my way to Limbe, we stopped for a few minutes to check out a site where a volcanic flow had reached the road before stopping. This eruption from Mount Cameroon happened almost 20 years ago.  The man pictured above was selling stones and shells, I…



The fruits back home are thick and real healthy.  Au Naturale My favorite shot taken of me while in Douala, Cameroon. Took it the last day I was leaving to go back to the States. My aunt's driver decided to show off his camera skills the day I was leaving, haha. Business owner of booth #46 at the major Craft Market in Douala. Met this very humble man, he was so was appreciative when i took his picture.  I asked if he had a Whatsapp for me to send it to him and he laughed (implying no) He wanted me to just have the picture for memories The children back home grow up so fast. Sometimes I feel like I haven't gotten my hands dirty enough. They carry a big load (literally and figuratively)…