Back At It Again

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  Jumpsuit | I made it     Suede Boots | Free People      Hat | Forever21      Belt | Thrifted WAWUU! Can I just quickly express how excited I am to be back in the bloggersphere. Excited to be back sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all. It has been two years since I last posted on what use to be my old blog.  Please don't feel obligated to click the link as it contains plenty of embarrassing pictures, haha Last weekend Sarah and I got together to make some magic! I have been wanting to shoot at this tire place for the longest time. It's also another building that I pass by everyday after work just like the blue one here. It's super textured and full of character. The greasy oil smudged everywhere is a product…


  • Missing those humid days in Cameroon on this very cold day in Maryland 😩
  • Purchased some volcanic pumice stones  when I was in Limbe, Cameroon. These things are the real deal. The most effective thing to use when removing dead skin from the bottom of your foot.
  • Your attitude determines your altitude. The world is yours ✨ 2018 I’m ready.
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  • Wrapping up 2017 like. It’s like been a year of sitting back and just learning. My Eyes Don Shine well well
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"Fashion, Lifestyle, Photography"

When you decided to maximize for college expenses and use your graduation cord as a choker. Sarah is so HIGH FASHION Kicks | Vans           T Shirt & Acid Wash Jacket | Urban Outfitters I would like you all to meet Sarah Yaftali, she a talented being. She takes 70% of my ig pictures. You will be seeing alot of her on blog as she is my muse and a great friend. We plan on making videos together as well, so look out for that. It's nothing but laughter and awkwardness when we are around, hahah Weekends are really my free days for creative projects since I don't work my regular job on weekends. I devote most of that time to sewing, photoshoots, different projects, etc. So when Sarah had an idea for this concept, I was like LETS DO IT. This wall gives…